“Your brand is your distinctively crafted profile that requires recognition,
                                                                 but most importantly, it deserves protection”.
Your brand or the image of your brand should not be regarded merely as a name, image, design, slogan or an easily remembered picture. Your brand is a result of a carefully crafted personality profile of your product or service that has or will gain distinctiveness and reputation through years of use. Its distinctiveness requires recognition but it deserves protection more.
The protection of trademark in Indonesia is governed under Law No. 20 of 2016 regarding Mark and Geographical Indication. Registration of trademark in Indonesia now includes protection for images, logos, names, words, letters, numbers, compilation of colors,  in forms of two and/or three dimensions, sound, holograms, or combination of two or more of the above elements, that may differentiate goods and/or services produced by a person or company in its business activities.
We encourage our clients to register their names, brands, or images that is often the significant key of our client’s business. As registered Intellectual property consultant in Indonesia, we provide services of trademark registration and protection in Indonesia. As members of the Asian Patent Attorneys Association, we provide services of trademark registration and protection around the globe. We have successfully registered trademarks for domestic and international clients in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, China, Japan, Australia, Europe, Africa, the United States of America, and many more.