“Patents are honest Intentions that grows into good Inventions” 

Like time, the growth of technology is unstoppable. Solving problem innovation and invention are unbound and getting more common by the day. Patents have long served as a fundamental element in the growth of technology that eventually became the backbone of the economic world. For the world today and the future. The protection and registration of Patents in Indonesia has grown significantly throughout the years. And thus the rapid growth of technology along side its registration in the Patent Office has birthed new regulation for matters relating to Patents, Law No. 13 of 2016.  

Patents are exclusive rights. And that is why, we in Sajogo MarksTM, carefully study the inventive steps of our clients and carefully consider every element in our patent drafts. We understand the uniqueness of every invention and the connection between the invention and the honest intention of the inventors. Maintaining the exclusivity of our client’s patent rights, both for simple and ordinary patents, is our priority aim in one hand. While on the other hand, we focus on protecting the economic interest of our clients during their development and exploration of new ideas in technology and innovation.