Trade Secret

“Trade Secrets are stories. It keeps the legend of our success,
                          in understanding why we do what we do, and most of all, how to do it”.

In a world that is filled with competition in the free market, the battle of ideas has often become the significant key to open the door to worlds of new venture and opportunities. Just like an individual protecting the key to a safe, your creation of trade secret, your story how to do what you do, needs protection as well.

Trade Secret is a powerful tool. It has the power to give reasons for competitors to entertain themselves by peering back into the story behind its competitor’s success. But what is Trade Secret under Indonesian laws? According to Law No. 30 of 2000 regarding Trade Secret, the definition of Trade Secret is information that is not available in the general public, in the field of technology and/or business, that has economical value useful in a business activity, and its secrecy is securely guarded by the owner of the Trade Secret. While the scope of Trade Secret includes manufacturing method, processing method, sales method, or other information that has economical value in the field of business and/or technology that is not known in the general public.

We provide consultation, protection, as well as registration of Trade Secret license agreements under the framework of the Trade Secret law. In our experience, issues relating to Trade Secrets doesn’t always rest on the relationship between business doers and its competitors or its licensees, but also on the relationship between an employer and its employees. Our general view of our client’s cases also include the need of executing confidentiality agreements for our client’s employee. Because we believe in the legend of our client’s success and the need to preserve the distinctness of that legend.