Plant Variety Right

            “Believing in the Development of New Plants Breed means 
                                                                      Believing in the World of Tomorrow”

Indonesia is known as an agricultural country with various biological resources that are highly diversified and is often touted as a  country that enjoys “mega-biodiversity”. And therefore, progressive, efficient, and strong agriculture as well as ready suply of disctinct crops are important for the development of the nation. With economic globalization, the right to distinct plant variety plays an important role in the ever growing competitive international market. The effectiveness of agricultural development and the productivity of a plant variety is greatly influenced  by the ability to genetically improve the potentials of a particular variety.

In order to further increase the interest and role of individuals or agricultural companies and to optimize new cultivation ideas that may result to  the production of new and superior plant varieties, certain legal rights must be implemented. Any individual or party involved in crop planting who are able to produce variety that are new, distinct, homogeneous and stable should be given due recognition. Plant Variety right or “plant breeder’s” right in Indonesia is given protection under Law No. 29 of 2000. The registration of Plant Variety right shall be submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia.