“The act of Protecting an Art, is actually, the true Art.”

The basic and most common understanding on copyright is that one cannot copy the artwork of another without permission.  The concept of copyright law is more than just rights over artworks. It is more than rights for author, creators, or its consumers. Copyright law is about creativity. The creativity to create and the creativity to protect such creation with the aspiration so that its consumers can honor the creator without being overly limited to enjoy the creation.

Copyright law has evolved through law amendments for many years. The latest amendment for Copyright Law in Indonesia was made by the enactment of Law No. 28 of 2014. The rapid growth in science, technology, art, and literature knows no boundaries. And thus, the government of Indonesia  deems that the practice of Copyright requires increased protection, guarantee, and legal certainty that can create a better balance for Copyright practitioners.

Unlike other Industrial Rights in Intellectual Property where the nature of its rights are given by registration, the nature of Copyright law is given automatically based on the declarative principle after the creative work is implemented in physical form. This creates a layer of dynamics between the Creator, the Copyright Holder, the owner of Related Rights, and the general public as the consumers for creative works. Understanding the growing need of certainty in Copyright implementation, Sajogo MarksTM will bridge the connection between Copyright practitioners. Because we learn to understand the beauty of a creative work and how to honor the history behind its creation.

In Sajogo MarksTM, we believe that behind every creative work of a creation, lies a portrait of the artist that is truly unique and beautiful. And where such beauty, requires acknowledgement and recognition just as much as it requires protection that it naturally deserves.