Domain Name

“It has been a world-wide phenomenon that the world is getting smaller by the day”

Back in the day when internet was yet to be discovered, salesmen have to, literally, go door-to door to offer their goods. But now, with the availability of internet, not only that goods can be offered worldwide, the doorstep of your company is now only a few clicks away. The easy access of internet and development of fast networks, has brought together clients, distributors, marketers, consumers, and individuals across the world into single computer screens or even gadgets by logging into domain names.

Indonesia, for many years have invited foreign investors from all around the globe. And nowadays, Indonesian branded goods and services or even international branded goods and services originating from Indonesia are enjoyed by consumers or users worldwide. As much as you have confidence with the well-known factor of your goods and services, the identity of origin of your goods and services are important. Not only that it is important, it needs protection too.

For many years, companies in Indonesia have been using “” as the identity of their domain names. Now, Indonesia has launched a generic top level domain (GTLD), the “.id”. We have encountered that a number of cyber squatters have used the .id domain as a method to violate or misguide internet users.

Sajogo Marks is dedicated to protect your business investment in Indonesia and offers protection to your goods or company’s name by registering your domain names in the Indonesian domain name registry. Or in the event of any domain name violation and domain name dispute arises, we can assist clients to lodge a domain name dispute claim through PPND in accordance with PANDI rules as the recognized governing authority in Indonesia.