Industrial Designs

“Good Design is not just aesthetic. It needs to have distinctiveness in its novelty”.

Industrial Design is a unique protection of IP where the artistic nature of Copyright meets the novelty of invention in Patents. Under Indonesian Industrial Design law, the definition of Industrial Design is a creation of forms, configurations, or composition of lines and colors, or lines and colors, or combination of the above in two or three dimensional forms, that creates an aesthetic feature, to be implemented in two or three dimensional patterns, and can be used to manufacture products, goods, industrial commodities, or handcrafts. The registration and protection of Industrial Design in Indonesia is governed by Law No. 31 of 2000.

The fine lines between new designs and prior arts (or existing designs) often became the reason for disputes between business doers. Through years of dispute settlement in Industrial Design, we come to understand the value of designers. We value the originality of every designer, either in creating new designs or developing existing ones to create newer designs.

Sajogo MarksTM has extensive experience in representing clients in Industrial Design matters, both for domestic or cross-border Industrial Design registration and protection.